The Future of Baking™

September 1, 2016   

This packaging design was created for Cargill’s GEOS division as part of solicitation package aimed at engaging customers and generating traffic to Cargill’s booth at the 2016 IBIE worldwide baking expo in Las Vegas. I was tasked with designing packaging for shortening samples that would be delivered to customers for them to experiment with. The concept behind the project was “the future of baking” and the packaging was created to reflect that with a very clean, modern/futuristic design. In addition to the shortening samples boxes, I designed tech sheets for the products that were included in the containing box.

To visualize these designs, I mocked up the packing concepts in 3D using Blender.

Project Info

Cargill GEOS

Additional Media

A 3D rendering concept for the outside packaging that contained the 3 sample boxes and the brochure/invitation.
A photo of the completed solicitation package.

Project Awards

Bronze, Sales Kit or Product Info Sheets

March 2017 • The Show by AdFed Minnesota

2017 AdFed “The Show” award winner for Cargill Regal® Shortening Sales Kit, produced at LEVEL.